Neck Pain

Woman suffering from neck ache

Have you experienced neck pain for a long time? Is your neck pain interfering with your regular life? Does it hurt to move your neck?

Severe neck pain can happen to any of us. In fact, it is one of the most common conditions that our chiropractors deal with on a regular basis. Neck pains are often caused by nerve compression, muscle strains, diseases, injuries and worn out joints. The majority of neck pain cases can be alleviated with simple chiropractic treatments. In some cases, symptoms indicate a serious medical condition.

Neck Pain Symptoms
A stiff neck can be caused by sleeping in an unusual position or straining your shoulders and neck for a long period of time. Stiff necks are not a serious issue and the pain alleviates relatively quickly. Other types of neck pain symptoms could raise flags regarding other medical conditions. There are several symptoms that you should realize to find out if your neck pain is associated with a severe condition.

Neck pain that extends to the arm area can indicate that there is a pinched nerve. Pinched nerves are often caused by conditions such as foraminal stenosis or herniated discs. Other associated symptoms include numbness in the hands and arms as well. Neck pain that occurs during a particular movement or activity can indicate cervical foraminal stenosis. These symptoms tend to get worse with time due to continuous positioning or activity and can be caused by nerve root impingement, neck joint wear or a disc margin.

Neck pain that comes and goes for several months are something to be wary of. These types of neck pain tend to get worse in various positions or activities and can be caused by symptomatic cervical disc degeneration. Neck pain that is linked with inability to coordinate along with arm pain can be caused by myelopathy or spinal stenosis. Other symptoms such as occasional shooting pains and fine motor skill difficulty can occur as well.

Treatment for Neck Pain
Neck pain treatments vary depending on several criteria, including degree, severity, length and areas that are affected. Using non-invasive methods can treat the majority of neck pains. Some severe cases may only respond to surgery, though it is typically the last treatment option. Surgery may be required if other treatments have not alleviated symptoms or if pain becomes increasingly severe. Spinal cord compression is typically treated with surgery.

At Physicians Chiropractic, our suggested treatment options for neck pain include chiropractic treatments, cervical traction and exercise. We may request for our patient to undergo an evaluation that includes CT or MRI scans as well. There are several manual therapy methods that can help with neck pain. These include chiropractic adjustments, cervical traction, massage and therapeutic exercises. We also educate our patients on various techniques for stretching and strengthening.

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